Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tribute To Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's Fall 2010 collection was about finding beauty from the Dark Ages. From beautiful brocades to a breathtaking gold feathered dress, his final collection was as stunning as his very first and I only hope that this tribute does him justice. This shoe represents his last collection from Fall 2010 RTW.

Alexander has been such an inspiration to me for so many years, and his death felt so personal to myself even though I've never met him. He was an artist but not just because of his clothing but become he created a world/fantasy that really took you places. Whether it was under the sea or within a chess game, it was amazing.

As a tribute I'd decided to donate money to his foundation, but after searching and searching I surprisingly found that there isn't one. So I decided to do something myself and create shoes as a personal memorial to him. I am also hoping that my efforts will convince someone to begin a foundation in his honor so that a portion of my proceeds can go towards it. As a tribute to Mr. McQueen, I will continue to create a shoe that represents each and every one of his RTW collections beginning with his final collection and ending with his first.

Alexander McQueen RTW Picture

God Save McQueen

God Save McQueen